A Cheesy Purple Dinner from a Market in Melbourne

We are back in Melbourne for Christmas! One of the first items on our Aussie to-do list was to visit the Queen Victoria Market. We couldn’t walk past this amazing cauliflower.

Purple CauliflowerWe love veggies and fruits, so wandering through the Queen Victoria Market takes us a couple of hours – there is so much amazingly fresh produce available and so many vendors. You can shop around for the best taste or price. Everything is fresh. There aren’t as many exotic or tropical fruits and veggies (although we did find some dragonfruit) – we always look forward to those in Singapore – however there were still some things we hadn’t seen before…

IBeautiful Cut Purple Cauliflowern the past we have enjoyed posting about differently coloured vegetables (romanesco broccoli) and were very happy when we found some rainbow carrots. However, our prize purchase was this beautiful purple cauliflower. It was such a great colour we couldn’t resist. However – we had to find something to do with it. We thought of cauliflower cheese… but with all the cream and cheese we thought we could find a healthier alternative. We searched the internet and discovered this recipe for Vegan Cheesy Cauliflower. It has no cream or cheese but instead uses nutritional yeast to make it cheesy.

Purple Vegan Cheesy CauliflowerNutritional yeast is a deactivated yeast product that is high in B vitamins and protein and also tastes like cheese. Vegans and raw foodists use it a lot because they don’t eat dairy. We have never tried it and thought it was time.

It was very easy to prepare.
1. Cut the cauliflower up, boil it and coat it in a mixture of nutritional yeast, almond milk and spices.
2. Put it in a dish with some bread crumbs on top and bake it!

It tasted fantastic – we baked it with some cooked wholegrain spelt pasta, and because the cauliflower was so big we could enjoy it for a couple of dinners (including a picnic by the beach!).

A Purple Cauliflower PicnicIt was a pleasure to prepare and eat such a beautiful vegetable. We can’t wait to see what we find at the market next time!

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