Golden Jelly Fungus & Almond Powder

Good Morning and welcome to our blog! Breakfast seems the perfect place to start our first post, featuring our latest Asian ‘milk’ – Golden Jelly Fungus & Almond!

What is it?

This mix sounds crazy – but it really does taste great! It contains sweet almond kernels, golden jelly fungus powder, oat powder, and coconut nectar, and is imported from Taiwan.

There are actually many types of powdered drink mix available in Singapore, especially in health food stores. Some of our other favourites include pumpkin seed milk, black sesame milk, and beetroot oat milk.

How do we use it?

All we do is mix it up with warm water in a jar. We usually make a batch every two days and store it in the fridge. We put it on our breakfasts as you would with normal milk and it is also tasty enough to have a glass on its own.

This milk is one of the best ones we have tried. You may think the golden jelly fungus would make it taste strange, but it has a very pleasant mild nutty taste and isn’t too sweet. It has a very creamy texture very similar to normal milk and doesn’t separate if stored overnight.

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Golden Jelly Fungus?

Golden Jelly Fungus is actually used in Chinese medicine, and studies have shown it stimulates the immune system, increases your resistance to radiation and has anti-inflammatory properties.

In any case, we love to try new things, and the unique taste and nutrition of such awesome ingredients are hard to resist. Dairy products are expensive in Singapore – there isn’t much room for cows to graze here (!) – therefore, most has to be imported. It takes a lot more fossil fuel to run a dairy farm and then ship the milk, keeping it refrigerated the whole time, than it does to grow some almonds and mushrooms – making our exotic Golden Fungus milk a better choice environmentally as being cheaper overall!

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