Relax in a jungle bathroom!

One of the best luxuries is a fantastic bathroom. If any hotel, mall, rented room, or suburban home has a surprisingly awesome bathroom that makes you go “ooh!”, somehow the whole place seems fancier. So how about creating a green bathroom – literally – in your own private jungle?

Several years ago we started thinking about designing our own unique home. One of the first things we wanted was a beautiful greenhouse… and this was quickly followed by visions of hot steamy showers in our own indoor tropical garden!

It wasn’t until we came to Singapore, where the weather is always warm, that we were able to see some open bathroom designs for ourselves. Some examples of ‘outdoor’ bathrooms are in Singapore’s botanic gardens and zoos. When you come home with pictures of the washroom, (amongst those of hippos and tigers), you know it must be awesome!

Night Safari bathroom (Open to the jungle on the right!)

Right after we visited Singapore’s Night Safari zoo, which did not disappoint, we came across a great blog post. The ‘Natural Building Blog’ has collected a group of fantastic photos of outdoor bathrooms, which we found very inspiring. There is something special about having a very private piece of garden that can only be enjoyed when you’re relaxing in the bath or having a shower. We encourage you to check out the Natural Building Blog, and enjoy the rest of the site while you are visiting. It is our favourite source of natural building info.
Open Air Bathrooms – Natural Building Blog:

Of course, Melbourne Australia is one of the areas we are considering to build our home some day, and Melbourne’s weather is not outdoor friendly! It is cold for a large chunk of the year, it is very unpredictable, and when it gets hot (and often too hot) it is dry and harsh. That doesn’t sound like a happy bathroom situation (frozen or baked)! This is why we are considering whether any of these designs would work alongside a greenhouse.

Image – Natural Building Blog

How awesome to make visiting the bathroom less like a trip to a concrete box, and more like taking a short tropical retreat? A refreshing spa visit? A place to enjoy the fresh air and green plants?
Sounds good to us!


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