Welcome to Dancing Greenly!

We are excited and happy to present ‘Dancing Greenly’.

There is so much to discover, so much to say, and so much to do.. and we want to share it with you!

Explore our blog – read more about us here, and see what interests us here. (Follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter). We post about food, dance, yoga, nature, green living, and our plans for the future.

We feel lucky to have each other – encouraging one another, and dreaming big together. We love to explore the world around us, and the endless possibilities… Hope you visit us again soon!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Dancing Greenly!

  1. Great blog, may be off the beaten track to some but it’s a track I happen to be familiar with. After living in Hong Kong and Singapore, I now live in California so am doing what you did in reverse 🙂 So many things I miss about Singapore so I will enjoy following your blog. (Do you have a favorite hawker food stall yet??)

    • Thanks so much for your message – it so interesting that you share our California/Asia experience. We miss California and all the natural grocery stores and farmers markets very much – (and dancing there was great too!) But Singapore is such a fun place – always changing, always something new to try… and like you said, so many great places to eat!
      -Heidi and Tim-

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