Singapore Garden Festival 2014

“Have you ever imagined what 18,000 orchids in one place would look like?”


That idea was enough for us… and yet it was only one highlight of our trip to the Singapore Garden Festival. What an inspiring day!

This year the festival was held at Gardens By The Bay for the first time. The setting was perfect – we think it was a huge success.

Some of our favourite things we saw:

  • Landscape and balcony gardens – so many amazing ideas. The sound garden! The water features! The TV in a living green wall! All awesome.
  • Fantasy gardens – artistically lit inside a dark tent. Some of the most amazing table settings we have ever seen.
  • Orchid Extravaganza – located inside the Flower Dome of Gardens by the Bay. Beautiful and exotic award winning orchids, and huge displays.
  • Bonsais and miniature gardens (including Harry Potter!)
  • Tropical food garden – always gets us dreaming.
  • Festival Marketplace – Got totally hooked here, shopping the stalls. Giant blooming orchids in multiple colours, sizes, and varieties? Starting at $10? We didn’t stand a chance…

What a great day!
The festival will be on again in 2016.
Link to the official site:


3 thoughts on “Singapore Garden Festival 2014

  1. Beautiful photos, and some very entertaining settings, especially those mossy recliner chairs. Gardens by the Bay is a relatively new phenomenon in Singapore, but the Botanical Gardens have been a long time treasure.

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