Singapore Garden Festival 2014

“Have you ever imagined what 18,000 orchids in one place would look like?”


That idea was enough for us… and yet it was only one highlight of our trip to the Singapore Garden Festival. What an inspiring day! Continue reading

Prosperous Pineapple Tarts

It’s Chinese New Year again and 2014 is the Year of the Horse!

There are many festive treats available in Singapore at this time of year – cookie stalls are popping up everywhere. Some cookie fairs even have fancy set-ups that bake on site, so you can purchase them fresh from the oven!

This year, to try and escape the cane sugar and white flour overdose, we decided to make our own!Happy Year of the Horse!

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Mid-Autumn Mooncakes, and lots of Lanterns…

What are all these mooncakes and pomelos? And why is Chinatown covered in lanterns? It’s the Mid-Autumn festival! (Or ‘lantern’ or ‘mooncake’ festival…) We had never heard about this Chinese celebration before we moved to Singapore, and have really looked forward to it this year.

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