Banana extinction?

We want to grow things – and eat things – and get excited about planning our future food forest. The humble banana seems so common, but this unique giant herb has caught our interest… mainly because we have discovered that in a few decades it may no longer exist.

But it’s a BANANA, how can it go extinct?!
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We want a tiny house!

One thing we have been thinking about is where we would like to live when we decide to settle down. The tricky thing is that you don’t know what it’s like living somewhere until you’ve actually lived there. We don’t want to buy a piece of land in a nice little town, only to find out that the community isn’t quite what we had hoped.

Our friend, Gabriel Williams of Molecule Tiny Homes, in California has a solution – build a TINY HOUSE!

from Molecule Tiny Homes

What is a tiny house?

A tiny house is just that – a very small house. They usually contain everything a couple or small family would need; a place to sleep, a kitchen and a bathroom. They are so small that they are often built on a flatbed trailer, giving them the added benefit of mobility. Continue reading

Golden Jelly Fungus & Almond Powder

Good Morning and welcome to our blog! Breakfast seems the perfect place to start our first post, featuring our latest Asian ‘milk’ – Golden Jelly Fungus & Almond!

What is it?

This mix sounds crazy – but it really does taste great! It contains sweet almond kernels, golden jelly fungus powder, oat powder, and coconut nectar, and is imported from Taiwan.

There are actually many types of powdered drink mix available in Singapore, especially in health food stores. Some of our other favourites include pumpkin seed milk, black sesame milk, and beetroot oat milk.

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