Green superfood is just a sprinkle away…!

Unusual green food can be daunting enough, let alone eating a mouthful of pure powdered grass or algae! At first, we used barely a dusting of these strange, colourful powders on our food, but now… we could eat this stuff by the spoonful!

Our breakfast last week! (Super-powders with yogurt, cereal, goji and blueberries.)

Why would two dancers start tinting their breakfasts green?
A few years ago, during our time in California, we discovered and fell in love with green powders. Basically all they are is a bunch of green leaves or algae that are dehydrated, then powdered. Who doesn’t love a concentrated nutrient hit?!

Often we are too tired or too busy to prepare something awesome and nutritious to eat on our rehearsal days (or performance nights), so having a big hit of GREEN nutrients is one of the greatest fail-safes we have in our diet. We really do get excited about eating this stuff!

Some types we only admire, after reading the price tags, but others are more affordable (even in Singapore) and we believe it is totally worth it.

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Golden Jelly Fungus & Almond Powder

Good Morning and welcome to our blog! Breakfast seems the perfect place to start our first post, featuring our latest Asian ‘milk’ – Golden Jelly Fungus & Almond!

What is it?

This mix sounds crazy – but it really does taste great! It contains sweet almond kernels, golden jelly fungus powder, oat powder, and coconut nectar, and is imported from Taiwan.

There are actually many types of powdered drink mix available in Singapore, especially in health food stores. Some of our other favourites include pumpkin seed milk, black sesame milk, and beetroot oat milk.

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