Our homemade Singapore National Day dinner.

Why is everything red and white? The 9th August is Singapore’s National Day!

One of the things we love about living in another country is discovering the different holiday traditions. We always really enjoy Singapore’s National Day Holiday – and this year we created some extra special recipes to celebrate!

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Custard Apple Jellies

When we’re wandering through the grocery store here in Singapore we ALWAYS go through the fruit section to see if there’s any different tropical fruit in season. Recently we have really been enjoying custard apples. Wait and see the recipe we came up with!

A custard apple inside and out.

A custard apple inside and out.

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Jicama – the best unknown veggie!

Do you know what this is?

You really should! This is Jicama, one of our absolute favourite vegetables – we always have one in the fridge… and most people don’t know even what it is! It is refreshing, crunchy, slightly sweet, and easy to prepare… you have to try it!

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How to bake fresh bread while rehearsing a ballet…

We are in the studio rehearsing our latest show. A glance at the clock says it’s 1:45. No wonder we’re hungry – it’s nearly lunch! When 2 o’clock comes around and we walk into the common room a glorious aroma reaches our nostrils. It’s our freshly baked bread – from our slow cooker!

This is a quick bread made with half millet and half chickpea flour.

That’s right – we bake our own bread, at work, without an oven! It’s a wonderful thing to sit down to a lunch of nice warm bread with hummus and sprouts – or just Vegemite for that matter. Continue reading

Power Porridge

“What do you want to eat?”
“I don’t knowww… I just need something!!”

On dancing days, working out what to eat can be difficult. Breakfast quickly feels like a distant memory after catching the train, walking up too many hills and stairs, AND doing a full ballet class. Often we feel we “need something” to continue into the rehearsal hours before lunch.

We are always on the search for satisfying and nutritious ‘somethings’, and one of our latest creations is super tasty and easy-to-make Power Porridge!

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