A Cheesy Purple Dinner from a Market in Melbourne

We are back in Melbourne for Christmas! One of the first items on our Aussie to-do list was to visit the Queen Victoria Market. We couldn’t walk past this amazing cauliflower.

Purple CauliflowerWe love veggies and fruits, so wandering through the Queen Victoria Market takes us a couple of hours – there is so much amazingly fresh produce available and so many vendors. You can shop around for the best taste or price. Everything is fresh. There aren’t as many exotic or tropical fruits and veggies (although we did find some dragonfruit) – we always look forward to those in Singapore – however there were still some things we hadn’t seen before… Continue reading

How to bake fresh bread while rehearsing a ballet…

We are in the studio rehearsing our latest show. A glance at the clock says it’s 1:45. No wonder we’re hungry – it’s nearly lunch! When 2 o’clock comes around and we walk into the common room a glorious aroma reaches our nostrils. It’s our freshly baked bread – from our slow cooker!

This is a quick bread made with half millet and half chickpea flour.

That’s right – we bake our own bread, at work, without an oven! It’s a wonderful thing to sit down to a lunch of nice warm bread with hummus and sprouts – or just Vegemite for that matter. Continue reading