Green superfood is just a sprinkle away…!

Unusual green food can be daunting enough, let alone eating a mouthful of pure powdered grass or algae! At first, we used barely a dusting of these strange, colourful powders on our food, but now… we could eat this stuff by the spoonful!

Our breakfast last week! (Super-powders with yogurt, cereal, goji and blueberries.)

Why would two dancers start tinting their breakfasts green?
A few years ago, during our time in California, we discovered and fell in love with green powders. Basically all they are is a bunch of green leaves or algae that are dehydrated, then powdered. Who doesn’t love a concentrated nutrient hit?!

Often we are too tired or too busy to prepare something awesome and nutritious to eat on our rehearsal days (or performance nights), so having a big hit of GREEN nutrients is one of the greatest fail-safes we have in our diet. We really do get excited about eating this stuff!

Some types we only admire, after reading the price tags, but others are more affordable (even in Singapore) and we believe it is totally worth it.

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How to bake fresh bread while rehearsing a ballet…

We are in the studio rehearsing our latest show. A glance at the clock says it’s 1:45. No wonder we’re hungry – it’s nearly lunch! When 2 o’clock comes around and we walk into the common room a glorious aroma reaches our nostrils. It’s our freshly baked bread – from our slow cooker!

This is a quick bread made with half millet and half chickpea flour.

That’s right – we bake our own bread, at work, without an oven! It’s a wonderful thing to sit down to a lunch of nice warm bread with hummus and sprouts – or just Vegemite for that matter. Continue reading

Welcome to Dancing Greenly!


We are excited and happy to present ‘Dancing Greenly’.

There is so much to discover, so much to say, and so much to do.. and we want to share it with you!

Explore our blog – read more about us here, and see what interests us here. (Follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter). We post about food, dance, yoga, nature, green living, and our plans for the future.

We feel lucky to have each other – encouraging one another, and dreaming big together. We love to explore the world around us, and the endless possibilities… Hope you visit us again soon!

Power Porridge

“What do you want to eat?”
“I don’t knowww… I just need something!!”

On dancing days, working out what to eat can be difficult. Breakfast quickly feels like a distant memory after catching the train, walking up too many hills and stairs, AND doing a full ballet class. Often we feel we “need something” to continue into the rehearsal hours before lunch.

We are always on the search for satisfying and nutritious ‘somethings’, and one of our latest creations is super tasty and easy-to-make Power Porridge!

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